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The Rowsells arrived in Britain with the Norman Conquest and settled in Somerset. Most Rowsells around the world can trace their roots to Somerset but this website is concerned only with the descendants of one man, Thomas Rowsell (1702 -1773) whom I presume was born in the West Country, but who lived all his life from the age of 30 around Wimbledon. I would like to find out who his parents were!

His descendants became prominent Gentlemen of Lambeth and London, particularly in the 19th century. In the course of time I will reveal the achievements of his numerous progeny, among whom I may be counted.

Thomas Rowsell was a tenant-farmer on the Duchess of Marlborough’s Wimbledon estate. At one time he had a press gang working for him to recruit for the Militia. He had ten children, who survived, by Sarah Fuller. After she died in 1754 he married Mary Laws, but had no further children. Mary died in 1775. This is a screenshot from “Surrey, England, Marriages, 1754-1937”

thomas rowsell mary laws wedding

The record of the marriage of Thomas Rowsell and Mary Laws

The Rowsell’s spring from Somerset but we first meet Thomas Rowsell in Wimbledon as a small farmer, headborough, supplier of food to local workhouse and father, with Sarah his wife, of some seven children. Thomas died in 1773 aged 72.”

Extract from “A Bishop Family History” Prepared by Rev. John Bishop.
(NB… A headborough is a parish officer (an officer for the church) having the same functions as a petty police constable.