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Thomas Rowsell (1702-1773) had 10 children with Sarah Fuller of which only one is of concern to this blog. John Rowsell (1737-1792) was born in Wimbledon and had eight children with Eleanor Pugh who he married on 1st September 1769, at St. Andrews in Holborn London. Eleanor was the daughter of John Pugh and Jane Jones. John Pugh’s brother Evan Pugh worked as a lawyer.

Evan introduced John Rowsell to legal work and began a family tradition. By the age of 49 in 1786, John was an attorney at HM The Court of King’s Bench and a Solicitor at Court of Chancery. It was at this time that his son Thomas began a legal clerkship at Westminster. John died only 6 years later. Thomas appears to have worked as a Parish Clerk at some point too, so perhaps law wasn’t for him. Thomas wasn’t the last Rowsell to work in the church either.

Thomas Rowsell clerkship

Two of John’s children spawned lines of prominent solicitors of Lambeth; his second son Thomas Rowsell (1772-1846) and his fifth child Samuel Rowsell (1777-1858). Each of these lines will be explored on this blog.

samuel rowsell

Samuel Rowsell, a solicitor of Lambeth in the 19th century.