I started this blog as a way to collate all the information I have discovered while researching my family history. I hope that other people will find me through this website and get in touch if they have any new information for me to add to the blog.

The name Rowsell is of Norman origin and refers to a place in Normandy, probably where the first man calling himself “Rousel” would have lived prior to 1066. An alternative explanation says that Rowsell is a variation of Russel which is a diminutive form of the Olde French “rous”, meaning “red (haired)”, from the Latin “russ(e)us”, with the diminutive suffix “el(l)”.

The Rowsells arrived in Britain with the Norman Conquest and settled in Somerset. Most Rowsells around the world can trace their roots to Somerset but this website is concerned only with the descendants of one man, Thomas Rowsell (1702 -1773) whom I presume was born in the West Country, but who lived all his life from the age of 30 around Wimbledon. I would like to find out who his parents were!

My great great grandfather Norman Rowsell was one of the first tea planters in Sri Lanka. His wife Florence Henrietta Congreve was from a noble English family whose roots I have traced all the way to the Norman Conquest and beyond.

The featured image is of Tower Bridge because it was designed and built by John Wolfe Barry (1836-1918), whose Mother was Sarah Rowsell (1798–1882) and who married his cousin Rosalind Grace Rowsell, daughter of Reverend Evan Edward Rowsell of Hambledon, Surrey.

I will write about any information I find as and when I find it. Get in touch if you want to contribute!